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Monthly Archives: October 2020

The Westy world or even Syncro world is ALL new to me! Thus, there’s a TON to figure out. Not to mention, a customized Westy Syncro! What’s this switch for? What’s this gauge for? What’s the dummy light blinking at me for? Yes, all valid questions which I’m working through. The first business of order was to make him road worthy. Thus, Van Diesel needed a new pair of American shoes! Quite… Read More

I stalk. That’s what I do. I went head first into a personal transaction (of sizable amount) with a person from halfway around the world during a global pandemic. On top of that, he was in Spain and the vehicle was parked at a shop in Wales! So, I started speaking with the community about this vehicle and current owner. Luck had it that this is a well known vehicle in the… Read More

As in any good journey, it always has a story. Mine is no different. My decision to get a VW Syncro was multi-faceted. In the end, I wanted to go somewhere (we’ll see where life brings me), something unique and yet functional. Once I figured out the platform, I had to find the vehicle. This is the background… My mind was made up and I wanted the ability to go many places… Read More