The journey begins

As in any good journey, it always has a story. Mine is no different. My decision to get a VW Syncro was multi-faceted. In the end, I wanted to go somewhere (we’ll see where life brings me), something unique and yet functional. Once I figured out the platform, I had to find the vehicle. This is the background…

My mind was made up and I wanted the ability to go many places off of the beaten path. Somewhere which a normal family wouldn’t go or be able to go. This was fueled, initially, by the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt. Just having the ability to ‘get out there’ and see what’s in the countryside! I also started scuba diving and wanted a capable vehicle to make trips to different quarries and shorelines.

With the justification out of the way, it was a matter of finding “the one”. I started searching, mainly on The Samba, in mid-2019. This seems like one of the main spot which a lot of VW enthusiasts go for vehicles, parts and to share knowledge! I’ve stalked on that site for a few years now however I started to actively search for a vehicle. I found two that fit my criteria: VW Westfalia Syncro; preferably a 16″ and at least “one knob” (rear differential locker). These are the two which made my list at the end of 2019:


They both were the same but different in many ways. Both caught my attention, met my criteria and “sort of” my budget. You see, the NATO green on the bottom (above) was MUCH less the Goldie. However, I liked all the work which went into Goldie as much as a high top. For some reason, I just liked the idea of the top already being up versus “setting up camp”. So, I started my dialog with these sellers to find out more information.

In the end, Covid hit the world and everything changed. Borders and countries were shut down. The way that we “did things” just wasn’t the same as pre-Covid. This slowed the transaction down to a crawl on my end; let alone the fact I needed to find out how to export/import a vehicle from the UK to the USA! There’s “a guy” that does it, but his business model and willingness (or lack thereof) during these times were less than enthusiastic. Thus, I was on my own!

When I finally sold my Shelby GT350, it was game on. The race started but the world didn’t! Just when I thought I could do a little business or a border would open, it’d shut just as quickly. Meanwhile, the NATO green sold to a local buyer. That slimmed down my options to one. I reached out to that seller however he told me that, he too, had a buyer for his Syncro. Double drats! Although, he told me he’d contact me if something were to change. Things ALWAYS change.

He reached out and we did the deal. However, it was MUCH longer than expected with a global pandemic going on. If I recall correctly, we seriously started speaking in February 2020 and Goldie (to be renamed Van Diesel) landed on US soil October 2nd, 2020.

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