Figuring it all out

The Westy world or even Syncro world is ALL new to me! Thus, there’s a TON to figure out. Not to mention, a customized Westy Syncro! What’s this switch for? What’s this gauge for? What’s the dummy light blinking at me for? Yes, all valid questions which I’m working through.

The first business of order was to make him road worthy. Thus, Van Diesel needed a new pair of American shoes! Quite honestly, I replaced him with a new pair of identical tires which were already on there; BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 235/85R 16″. Six of them all around! Four on the ground and two spares. The previous ones started cracking which leads to dry rot… I didn’t want to deal with that issue!

Again, the new ones are identical except… well, NEW! 🙂

My next little bit of work will be checking out the fresh water situation and then moving over to propane! The journey continues!

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