Rear thumping continued

I haven’t put much time into the van lately due to the Georgia heat! However, it cooled a few degrees over the weekend, where I was able to jack it up so the wheels would turn by hand. With the help of my wife (wearing plastic gloves to keep her hands clean but made a HECK of a crinkling noise in the video below!), I was able to narrow down where the noise was coming from. The good part is that it’s narrowed down but the bad part is that it’s in the transmission. 😦

This is where it’s above my pay grade of mechanical skills and I need to find a local-ish shop. I’m starting that process now. In the meantime, I thought I’d post the troubleshooting video. This was taken laying flat on my back looking towards the floor of the van. On the bright side, I know I’ll have AT LEAST a new clutch put in minimally. The bad? In true Vanagon fashion, what else is needed??!! Time will tell… (video below or on YouTube)

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