VW Syncro Promotional Video

Progress continues but is slow at the moment due to colder weather outdoors. So, when not making progress on the van, I do research. This is a video I found along the way. Great information! Enjoy!

Wait what? It’s the end of the year 2021??!!

Just to be clear… just because I haven’t been taking the time to document or update the blog doesn’t mean things aren’t happening! LOL Actually, I’ve been posting fairly regularly (a few times a week) on Instagram. Work on Van Diesel has been pretty extensive and ongoing. That’s what I plan to cover and update… Read More

1.9 TDI Limp Mode Resoved?

For some time now, I’ve experienced “limp mode” in my van. It first manifested itself on a family trip back from Florida. We were heading north on the highway doing about 65 mph (in the slow lane, of course). All of a sudden there’s sort of a jerk forward, a cloud of smoke out the… Read More

As the pandemic continues…so does the work!

Well, it’s been a hot second since I’ve updated any content on here. Yes, it’s partially due to the pandemic and loss for a sense of time. Another has been that I had rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder in April. As my wife keeps reminding me, I’ve been a bear to deal with!… Read More

Time slips by!

Looking back at the date of my last post (Oct. 28, 2020), it’s been a good few months! Where have I been? Well.. lots has happened, personally and in the world, since my last writing. COVID-19 remains to be top of mind with MOST of the world. All international travel has been restricted which means… Read More

Figuring it all out

The Westy world or even Syncro world is ALL new to me! Thus, there’s a TON to figure out. Not to mention, a customized Westy Syncro! What’s this switch for? What’s this gauge for? What’s the dummy light blinking at me for? Yes, all valid questions which I’m working through. The first business of order… Read More

The journey continues

I stalk. That’s what I do. I went head first into a personal transaction (of sizable amount) with a person from halfway around the world during a global pandemic. On top of that, he was in Spain and the vehicle was parked at a shop in Wales! So, I started speaking with the community about… Read More

The journey begins

As in any good journey, it always has a story. Mine is no different. My decision to get a VW Syncro was multi-faceted. In the end, I wanted to go somewhere (we’ll see where life brings me), something unique and yet functional. Once I figured out the platform, I had to find the vehicle. This… Read More

My First Blog Rambling

Where do I begin? I guess almost any story has a beginning, a middle, and an end… right? Well, you’re jumping right into the middle of mine! You see, I turned 50 three years ago on this very day. With that birthday came a gift to myself; a 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. I’ve always… Read More

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