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Rear thumping continued

I haven’t put much time into the van lately due to the Georgia heat! However, it cooled a few degrees over the weekend, where I was able to jack it up so the wheels would turn by hand. With the help of my wife (wearing plastic gloves to keep her hands clean but made a…

Troubleshooting a rear thumping noise

  So, LOTS of mechanical work has been going on but not a lot of writing! It’s almost been like a game of whack a mole! They say this about vintage cars and Vanagons. Some of it is self induced, others may be a by product of my “outstanding workmanship”, and the last my be…

VW Syncro Promotional Video

Progress continues but is slow at the moment due to colder weather outdoors. So, when not making progress on the van, I do research. This is a video I found along the way. Great information! Enjoy!

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